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In March 2021 The OrCha Collective successfully released the world premier of their early access version of "Virtual Footprints" as part of Brisbane Curiocity where the game received a great response from the public.


We are excited to be continuing the development of our location based, multiplayer, AR game "Virtual footprints." A mobile game that allows players to virtually sow, grow and nurture their own and others, plants and seeds in a collaborative, virtual garden. Educating people  about the impact of  human interactions with nature in a fun , collaborative and playful way.

In order to raise the funds to make this happen, The OrCha Collective has released a line of  exclusive merchandise, so you can get your very own Virtual Footprints Hoodie just in time for winter!

You can also help by contributing to our "Go Fund Me" Campaign. All Contributors will have the  opportunity to have their name included in the games acknowledgements and be invited to exclusive events and releases.

Virtual Footprints

Official Merchandise

Made with love and eco-friendliness


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