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Play, Create and Innovate

Liberatas is an Internationally recognized Academic & Creative Technologist. Based off the Surf Coast of Victoria - Australia, with a unique background working in outdoor recreation, her practice involves maintaining a balance between nature and technology as she aspires to evoke positive change in the world through creativity, storytelling, philosophical research and technical innovation.

Liberatas presented her recent research on ‘playable cartography’  at SIGGRAPH ASIA - International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, in south Korea in late 2020. And at Artefacto International Conference on Digital Creation in Arts and Communication, in Portugal. Most recently as a member of the OrCha Collective Liberatas has directed “Virtual Footprints” a location based, AR, multiplayer mobile game designed to teach players about the impact of human interaction with nature, which was released as part of CurioCity Brisbane in March 2021. And “Draw and Explore” a collaborative community based project encouraging people to get up and outside again post COVID-19 lockdowns, and was featured as part of NGV’s International Design Week 2021.

is a portmanteau of the ancient Latin terms:
Lîbrãtus: A state in which opposing forces harmonise, to have perfect balance;
Libertás the state of being  or processes  of becoming freed,  liberation.


Liberatas (b.1993)

Creative Technologist and Director

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Creative Direction

Concept Development

Creative and Academic Writing

Game Design


Interaction Techniques

2D Animation


UX/UI Design and implementation

Languages: html, C#, CSS and Java


Adobe Suite







2012 - 2014  Bachelor Of Fine Arts ( Drawing and Animation) - Victorian College of the Arts.


2015 - 2019 Masters with distinction In Animation, Gaming and Interactivity - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology



Exhibitions and Publications

 "Collaborative Cartography" (2020) Artefacto Portugal.

"Edgars Equirectangular Escapade" (2020)Siggraph Asia VR Theater, Online


"SIGGRAPH Asia2020: Extended Abstract 'Playable Cartography' Dengu South Korea.

"International Games Concept Challenge" (2018), Sound based Smart watch game : Kajanni, Finland.


"Music at the Mill[Group exhibit]"(2016) 360 locative drawing | Ubu Gallery, Fyansford.     

"Emerging Melbourne artists show[Group exhibit]"(2015) Fitzroy, Melbourne.

 "VCA Graduate Show[Group exhibit]"(2014) Street Art Animation, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne

"Drawn Drawn[Group exhibit]"(2014) Short Guerilla Animations | George Paton Gallery, Melbourne.

 "Proud"[Group exhibit](2014 ) Architectural Illustration| Margret Lawrence Gallery, VCA Melbourne.

"Dead Lines [Group exhibit]" (2013): Still life Illustration | Margret Lawrence Gallery, VCA Melbourne.

"We get round it [Group exhibit]" (2013) | Comic Style Illustration: Mudfest Gallery, Melbourne.

"Border Security: Australia’s front line.[Group exhibit]" (2012)| QR code animations : VCA student Gallery, Melbourne.   

"An Attention Defict Mind" (2012) |Short animation/projection installation  : National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

 "An Attention Deficit mind" (2011) | Short animation/projection installation : Shearers Arms Gallery, Geelong Victoria.



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