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Technology is the use of knowledge to create tangible and intangible things that are useful, functional and have a purpose. The closest antonyms of technology are words like nontechnical and untechnical. However, it is common for anything that is considered uniquely human or natural to be considered the "opposite" of technology. Therefor, Liberatas strives to strike the perfect balance between the two, advocating for the use of increasingly widespread mobile media to be used to enhance the human lived experience, rather then utility and functionality. To collect and share, experiential data, or autobiographical, site specific narratives.


SIGGRAPH Asia VR Theater 2020

December 11th 2020

Edgars Escapade

Meet Edgar, He has epilepsy. His time is broken, follow him on this short 360 animated insight into what it feels like to exist outside the realm of time and space.


Artefacto2020 Portugual

26 & 27th Novemeber 2020

Collaborative Cartography

Extending on previous research and expanding on notions regarding experiential data, the collection and distribution of it as a means of creating or enhancing a sense of community during the covid-19 pandemic.


SIGGRAPH ASIA -2020 South Korea

December 3rd - 14th 2020

Playable Cartography

Liberats' early Research into 'Playable Cartography' presents a frame work for contemporary cartographic practices that focuses on the human, lived experience of public, shared spaces through shared, insightful locative narratives.


Australia  2021 (To be announced!)

virtual footprints

This is an augmented reality, location based game designed to teach players about the unique wonders of Australian flora and fauna and the importance of nurturing and preserving it, through  playful and insightful interactions with virtual plants.


NGV's Design Week, Melbroune.

March - April 2021

Draw and Explore

Draw and explore is going to be a community, collaborative walk drawing created throughout melborune CBD and regional victoria. It will be Australia's biggest (and only) collaborative StravaArt work, putting us on the map so to speak! More details coming Jan 2021


International games concept Challenge

kaajani, Finland august 2018

Sound Surfer

A Sound based, fitness game for the smart watch. Created by game developers from across 7 different countries as part of the international game concept challenge in 2018.

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